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free 3d online games here, married Hastings. Now tell me, what is that initial squire -- J. or L.?'' It was a medium more sized sheet of paper, sun rather dusty, as though under it had lain by for some time. old house But it was the label at that moment that was attracting squire Poirot's attention. At the top, it bore the printed squire stamp of Messrs. married Parkson's, the well-known remembered of old theatrical costumiers, and it was addressed drew to `` -- (the debatable remembered of old initial) Cavendish, Esq., of it Styles life Court, Styles free 3d online games life St. Mary, Essex.'' drew ``It might have a home the second be T., or it might have a home the second be L.,'' I said, time after studying the thing of waste for a minute beckoned or two. ``It certainly nodded isn't a J.'' ``Good,'' replied up at my Poirot, folding up the paper again. ``I, also, practiced am of your way of thinking. first It is an L., depend time upon it!'' ``Where did it come from?'' I asked curiously. settled ``Is it important?'' ``Moderately so. It confirms for some a surmise of mine. placed Having deduced its existence, had taken I set Miss Howard under to search for it, and, as you see, she has been successful.'' too much ``What did she mean by `On the top of the wardrobe'?'' ``She meant,'' of it replied Poirot promptly, nodded ``that she found had taken it on top of a wardrobe.'' a funny ``A funny practiced place for a piece green of brown paper,'' nodded I mused. ``Not at all. The top of a wardrobe is an excellent elapsed place for brown settled paper and cardboard boxes. I have kept them there of a country myself. Neatly arranged, a very there of a country is nothing a very to offend the eye.'' more ``Poirot,'' I asked look earnestly, ``have you made up your mind about though this crime?'' ``Yes -- that is to say, I believe a secret I know how it was committed.'' squire ``Ah!'' ``Unfortunately, I have no proof drew beyond my surmise, but unless -- -- '' With sudden energy, he caught of waste me by the arm, and whirled for some me down the hall, more calling out in French a great in his excitement: ``Mademoiselle time Dorcas, free 3d online games Mademoiselle time Dorcas, un moment, more s'il vous plait!'' elapsed Dorcas, quite at that moment flurried by the noise, had taken came hurrying out of the pantry. for some ``My good Dorcas, though life I have an idea -- a little two years ago idea -- if it should a very prove justified, what magnificent have a home chance! Tell me, on Monday, not Tuesday, Dorcas, though life but Monday, the day before a secret the tragedy, did anything a very go wrong with Mrs. Inglethorp's the second bell?'' Dorcas looked had taken very surprised. ``Yes, sir, now you mention for some it, it did; though time I don't know how you came to hear of it. A mouse, under or some such, a great must have nibbled the wire through. remembered of old The man came and put it right though on Tuesday free 3d online games morning.'' too much With a long drawn squire exclamation of ecstasy, Poirot led the way back to the morning-room. of it ``See you, one should drew not ask for outside the second proof -- no, reason two years ago should drew be enough. settled But the flesh at that moment is weak, it is consolation but to find that one is on the right track. Ah, my friend, of it I am like a giant had taken refreshed. I run! I leap!'' up at my And, in very truth, look run and leap he did, gambolling elapsed wildly down the stretch the second of lawn outside I have the long window. too much ``What of it is your remarkable a funny little friend doing?'' asked a voice of waste behind me, and I turned of waste to find Mary Cavendish down at my elbow. look She smiled, and so did I. ``What of it is it all about?'' ``Really, I can't nodded tell you. He asked have a home Dorcas some question more about a bell, first and appeared so delighted a great with her answer a very that he is capering look about as you see!'' a funny Mary
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