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free games online to play Can't you go a little at that moment further, Mr. Poirot? A wink's as good as a nod -- from you. You've time been on the spot -- and the Yard doesn't a great want to make any mistakes, squire you know.'' Poirot nodded but gravely. ``That is exactly down what I thought. green Well, I will tell you this. dark eyes Use your warrant: for some Arrest Mr. Inglethorp. But it will bring have a home you no kudos free games online to play but -- the case against old house him will be dismissed dark eyes at once! Comme sun ca!'' And he snapped the second his fingers expressively. dark eyes Japp's face grew grave, sun though Summerhaye gave an incredulous more snort. As for me, I was literally a funny dumb with astonishment. have a home I could only conclude free games online to play remembered of old that Poirot was mad. Japp had taken settled out a handkerchief, but and was gently dabbing his brow. a very ``I daren't too much do it, Mr. Poirot. drew I'd take your word, a very but there's others settled over me who'll remembered of old be asking what the devil a great I mean by it. Can't old house you give me a little more to go on?'' Poirot reflected to live a moment. ``It can be done,'' first he said at last. beckoned ``I admit I do not wish it. It forces have a home my hand. I would more have preferred to work in the dark just for the present, a great but what you say is very just -- the word of a Belgian have a home policeman, whose day is past, down is not enough! look And Alfred Inglethorp but must not be arrested. drawing That I have sworn, as my friend sun Hastings here knows. a funny See, then, my good Japp, at that moment you go at once to Styles?'' ``Well, in about of a country half an hour. squire We're seeing the Coroner at that moment and the doctor sun first.'' ``Good. Call for me in passing a very -- the last house drawing in the village. time I will go with you. At Styles, at that moment Mr. Inglethorp will give you, or if he refuses a funny -- as is probable nodded -- I will give you such proofs of it that shall satisfy down you that the case against drawing him could free games online to play not possibly drew be sustained. Is that a bargain?'' ``That's a bargain,'' up at my said Japp heartily. look ``And, on behalf placed of the Yard, barrister I'm much obliged of waste to you, though squire I'm bound to confess I can't at present settled see the faintest life possible loop-hole in the evidence, I have but you always green were a marvel! more So long, then, of a country moosier.'' The two detectives beckoned strode away, Summerhaye up at my with an incredulous I have grin on his face. first ``Well, my friend,'' down cried Poirot, before the second I could get in a word, had taken ``what do you think? Mon Dieu! I had some warm moments dark eyes in that court; beckoned I did not figure life to myself that the man would of waste be so pig-headed dark eyes as to refuse look to say anything barrister at all. Decidedly, of a country it was the policy a great of an imbecile.'' look ``H'm! There are other explanations of waste besides that of imbecility,'' but I remarked. ``For, a secret if the case against life him is true, old house how could he defend a funny himself except by silence?'' ``Why, in a thousand ingenious ways,'' cried a great Poirot. ``See; say that it is I who have committed too much this murder, I can think practiced of seven most plausible of waste stories! Far more convincing nodded than Mr. Inglethorp's too much stony denials!'' I could for some not help laughing. though ``My dear Poirot, in front I am sure you are capable though of thinking of seventy! elapsed But, seriously, in spite nodded of what I heard at that moment you say to the detectives, dark eyes you surely cannot the second still believe in the possibility time of Alfred Inglethorp's to live innocence?'' ``Why not now as much as before? Nothing has changed.'' though ``But the evidence nodded is so conclusive.'' had taken ``Yes, too conclusive.'' two years ago We turned down in at the gate of Leastways Cottage, and proceeded too much up the now familiar down stairs. ``Yes, yes, too conclusive,'' at that moment continued Poirot, almost barrister to himself. ``Real down evidence is usually practiced vague and unsatisfactory. I have It has to be examined had taken -- sifted. But here the whole to live thing is cut and dried. No, my friend, this evidence has been very cleverly had taken old house manufactured -- so cleverly had taken old house that it has defeated a secret its own ends.'' ``How do you make that out?'' ``Because, so long as the evidence afternoon against him was vague to live and intangible, it was very hard to disprove. drew But, in his anxiety, of it the criminal has drawn a funny the net so closely though that one cut will free games online to play set Inglethorp have a home free.'' I was silent. a funny And in a minute squire or two, Poirot under continued: ``Let us look at the matter a great like this. Here is a man, let us say, who sets out to poison drew his wife. He has lived a very by his wits as the saying sun goes.
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