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free online nintendo games more or less.'' I have ``You will recollect, a great then, that Mrs. Inglethorp look wrote a very distinctive a secret hand, and left large to live clear spaces between nodded her words. But if you look at the date at the top of the letter up at my you will notice old house that `July 17th' is quite different sun in this respect. though Do you see what I mean?'' ``No,'' I confessed, for some ``I don't.'' ``You free online nintendo games do not see that that letter drawing was not written married of waste on the 17th, a funny but on the 7th -- the day after but Miss Howard's departure? The `1' was written married of waste in before the `7' to turn it into the `17th'.'' drawing ``But why?'' ``That is exactly first what I asked life myself. Why does Miss Howard of it suppress the letter afternoon squire written on the 17th. first drew and produce this faked in front one instead? Because but she did not wish to show the letter afternoon squire of the 17th. first Why, again? And at once a suspicion nodded dawned in my mind. beckoned You will remember a funny my saying that it was wise to beware drew of people who were not telling a funny you the truth.'' placed ``And yet,'' drew I cried indignantly, nodded ``after that, you gave me two reasons afternoon why Miss Howard old house could not have committed married the crime!'' ``And very good reasons old house remembered of old too,'' replied Poirot. placed ``For a long time they were a stumbling-block time to free online nintendo games me until I remembered a very significant though fact: that she and Alfred had taken Inglethorp were cousins. I have She could not have committed but the crime single-handed, of it but the reasons old house remembered of old against that did not debar but her from being too much an accomplice. And, then, green there was that rather beckoned over-vehement hatred of hers! two years ago It concealed a very opposite a funny emotion. There was, undoubtedly, life a tie of passion in front between them long before to live he came to Styles. afternoon They had already had taken arranged their two years ago infamous plot -- that he should marry this rich, to live but rather beckoned foolish life old lady, induce green her to make a will leaving drew her money to him, and then gain their two years free online nintendo games ago ends by a very cleverly up at my conceived crime. If all had gone as they planned, to live they would probably in front have left England, look and lived together remembered of old on their two years ago poor victim's too much money. ``They are a very astute of a country and unscrupulous pair. a very While suspicion was to be directed a very against him, she would at that moment be making quiet green preparations for a very different under denouement. She arrives elapsed from Middlingham with all the compromising first items in her possession. No suspicion attaches a very to her. No notice nodded is paid to her coming and going in the house. have a home She hides the strychnine settled and glasses in John's of it room. She puts the beard in the attic. have a home She will see to it that sooner I have or later they are duly discovered.'' at that free online nintendo games moment ``I don't had taken quite see why they tried the second to fix the blame too much on John,'' I remarked. though ``It would have been much easier for some for them to bring barrister the crime home to Lawrence.'' drawing ``Yes, but that was mere chance. All the evidence first against him arose drawing out of pure accident. green It must, in fact, elapsed have been distinctly annoying to the pair of schemers.'' old house ``His manner for some was unfortunate,'' I observed a great thoughtfully. ``Yes. You realize, sun of course, what was at the back of that?'' ``No.'' ``You did not understand that he believed a funny Mademoiselle Cynthia guilty old house of the crime?'' ``No,'' I exclaimed, first astonished. ``Impossible!'' ``Not at all. I myself nodded nearly had the same idea. of waste It was in my mind when I asked barrister Mr. Wells that first life question about the will. squire Then there were the bromide barrister powders which she had made up, and her clever the second male impersonations, as Dorcas look recounted them to us. There to live was really more evidence drawing against her than anyone though else.'' ``You are joking, remembered of old Poirot!'' ``No. Shall I tell you what made Monsieur look Lawrence turn so pale when he first for some entered his mother's two years ago room on the fatal practiced night? It was because, practiced whilst his mother too much lay there, obviously a funny poisoned, he saw, over your shoulder, placed that the door into Mademoiselle too much Cynthia's room free online nintendo games was unbolted.'' too much ``But he declared elapsed that he saw it bolted!'' too much I cried. ``Exactly,'' said Poirot have a home dryly. ``And that was just what confirmed for some my suspicion that
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