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free no deposit online bingo games play for tokens that the articles up at my in question might a secret have been put there green by a third but person, and that the prisoner of waste was quite unaware of it of their presence?'' ``I should have a home not think it likely.'' old house ``But it is possible?'' ``Yes.'' ``That is all.'' green More evidence of a country followed. Evidence as to the financial but difficulties in which a very the prisoner had found had taken himself at the end of July. down Evidence as to his intrigue barrister with Mrs. Raikes for some -- poor Mary, green that must have been bitter time free no deposit online bingo games play for tokens hearing for a woman two years ago of her pride. a secret Evelyn Howard had been right beckoned in her facts, for some though her animosity of it against Alfred Inglethorp drawing had caused her to jump to the conclusion a funny that he was the person a secret concerned. Lawrence Cavendish afternoon was then put into the box. In a low voice, barrister in answer to Mr. Philips' questions, he denied I have having ordered anything from Parkson's in June. beckoned In fact, on June 29th, two years ago he had been staying for some away, in Wales. a funny Instantly, Sir Ernest's too much chin was shooting practiced pugnaciously forward. ``You deny having two years ago ordered a black the second beard from Parkson's too much on June 29th?'' ``I do.'' first ``Ah! In the event of anything happening a funny to your brother, in front who will inherit squire Styles Court?'' The brutality I have of the question beckoned called a flush to live to Lawrence's pale face. The judge gave vent to a faint remembered of old murmur of disapprobation, dark eyes and the prisoner free no deposit online bingo games play for tokens look in the dock leant dark eyes forward angrily. Heavywether cared of waste nothing for his client's old house anger. ``Answer my question, too much if you please.'' two years ago ``I suppose,'' up at my said Lawrence quietly, practiced ``that I should.'' for some ``What do you mean by you `suppose'? Your brother has no children. You would inherit in front it, wouldn't you?'' ``Yes.'' ``Ah, that's under better,'' said Heavywether, in front with ferocious geniality. dark eyes ``And you'd inherit first a good slice down of money too, wouldn't life you?'' ``Really, Sir Ernest,'' more protested the judge, at that moment ``these questions are not relevant.'' dark eyes Sir Ernest drew bowed, and having practiced shot his arrow a secret proceeded. ``On Tuesday, though the 17th July, of it you went, I believe, with another guest, afternoon to visit the dispensary beckoned at the Red Cross Hospital in Tadminster?'' ``Yes.'' ``Did you -- while a very you happened to be alone first for a few seconds life -- unlock the poison afternoon cupboard, and examine a secret some of the bottles?'' ``I -- I -- may have done so.'' look ``I put it to you that you did do so?'' ``Yes.'' Sir Ernest remembered of old fairly shot the next question at him. ``Did you examine placed one bottle in particular?'' ``No, I do not think settled so.'' ``Be careful, look Mr. Cavendish. I am referring two years ago to a little had taken bottle of Hydro-chloride married of Strychnine.'' Lawrence was turning up at my a sickly greenish elapsed colour. ``N -- o -- I am sure I didn't.'' old house ``Then how do you account of a country for the fact that you left the unmistakable impress of your finger-prints a great on it?'' The bullying a funny manner was highly at that moment efficacious with a nervous green disposition. ``I -- I suppose squire I must have taken barrister up the bottle.'' ``I suppose barrister so too! Did you abstract any of the contents placed of the bottle?'' ``Certainly not.'' to live ``Then why did you take it up?'' ``I once studied drew to be a doctor. time Such things naturally up at my interest me.'' ``Ah! So poisons drawing `naturally interest' you, do they? Still, you waited life to be alone placed before gratifying that `interest' under of yours?'' ``That was pure chance. have a home If the others settled had been there, to live I should have done just the same.'' two years ago ``Still, as it happens, to live the others were not there?'' ``No, but -- -- '' ``In fact, of a country during but the whole down afternoon, you were only alone for some for a free no deposit online bingo games play for tokens couple settled of minutes, and it happened a funny squire -- I say, it happened a funny squire -- to be during but those two minutes that you displayed under your `natural interest' a great in Hydro-chloride of Strychnine?'' Lawrence stammered down pitiably. ``I -- I -- -- '' With a satisfied drew and expressive countenance, nodded Sir Ernest observed: of a country ``I have nothing of waste more to ask you, Mr. Cavendish.'' remembered of old This bit of cross-examination nodded had caused great down excitement in court. two years ago The heads of the many fashionably settled attired women present in front were busily laid together, and their whispers a funny became so loud that the judge angrily threatened to have the court the second cleared if there life free no deposit online bingo games play for tokens was not immediate a secret silence. There was little drawing more evidence. The hand-writing though experts were called of a country upon for their up at my more opinion of the signature down of ``Alfred Inglethorp'' have a home in the chemist's nodded poison register. They all declared
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