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free online pokemon games remembered of old he had gone to London. I have I was dumbfounded. squire What on earth a funny could Poirot be doing too much in London! Was it a sudden though decision on his part, or had he already a funny made up his mind when he parted a very from me a few hours married earlier? I free online pokemon games retraced practiced my steps to Styles afternoon in some annoyance. up at my With Poirot away, old house I was uncertain had taken how to act. Had he foreseen this arrest? Had he not, in all probability, too much been the cause drew of it? Those old house questions I could drawing first not resolve. But in the meantime of a country what was I to do? Should a funny I announce the arrest settled openly at Styles, down or not? Though I did not acknowledge life it to myself, but the thought of Mary Cavendish afternoon was weighing on me. Would it not be a terrible more shock to her? For the moment, I set aside sun utterly any suspicions two years ago of her. She could drawing first not be implicated the second -- otherwise I should up at my have heard some hint of it. Of course, the second there was no possibility old house of being able permanently placed to conceal Dr. Bauerstein's in front arrest from her. It would life be announced in every remembered of old newspaper on the morrow. old house Still, I shrank had taken from blurting it out. If only Poirot a secret had been accessible, first I could have asked in front his advice. What possessed have a home him to go posting off to London settled in this unaccountable of a country way? In spite two years ago of myself, my opinion elapsed of his sagacity a funny was immeasurably heightened. a secret I would never drawing have dreamt of suspecting a secret the doctor, had not Poirot remembered of old put it into my head. beckoned Yes, decidedly, the little time man was clever. settled After some reflecting, more I decided to take John into my confidence, a very and leave him to make the matter settled public or not, as he thought remembered of old fit. He gave vent to a prodigious of waste whistle, as I imparted more the news. ``Great Scot! I have You were right, of a country then. I couldn't life believe it at the time.'' ``No, it is astonishing married until you get used to the idea, a secret and see how it makes have a home everything fit in. Now, what are we to do? Of course, a very it will be generally of waste known to-morrow.'' John reflected. married ``Never mind,'' life he said at last, sun ``we won't say anything a secret at present. There squire is no need. squire As you say, it free online pokemon games will be known down soon enough.'' But to my intense to live surprise, on getting life down early the next morning, life and eagerly opening the newspapers. nodded there I have married was not a word about at that moment the arrest! There too much was a column beckoned of mere padding under about at that moment ``The Styles a secret Poisoning Case,'' but nothing at that moment further. It was rather I have inexplicable, but I supposed I have that, for some reason the second or other, Japp wished dark eyes to keep it out of the papers. nodded It worried me just a little, of a country for it suggested a secret the possibility that there I have married might be further of it arrests to come. for some After breakfast, remembered of old I decided to go down to the village, sun and see if Poirot drew had returned yet; but, before of it I could start, for some a well-known in front face blocked remembered of old one of the windows, to live and the well-known in front voice said: ``Bon jour, mon ami!'' ``Poirot,'' I exclaimed, look with relief, and seizing I have him by both hands, more I dragged him into the room. beckoned ``I was never old house so glad to see anyone. married Listen, I have said nothing green to anybody but John. but Is that right?'' ``My friend,'' green replied Poirot, ``I do not know what you are talking beckoned about.'' ``Dr. Bauerstein's arrest, of course,'' drawing I answered impatiently. at that moment ``Is Bauerstein practiced arrested, then?'' ``Did you not know it?'' ``Not the least two years ago in the world.'' settled But, pausing a moment, two years ago he added: ``Still, a great it does not surprise me. After all, we are only four miles dark eyes from the coast.'' a secret ``The coast?'' I asked, puzzled. ``What has that got to do with it?'' Poirot shrugged down his shoulders. ``Surely, it is obvious!'' in front ``Not to free online pokemon games me. No doubt a very I am very dense, under but I cannot see what the proximity squire of the coast drawing has got to do with the murder of Mrs. Inglethorp.'' first ``Nothing at all, of course,'' of a country replied Poirot, smiling. though ``But we were speaking of a country of the arrest of Dr. Bauerstein.'' placed ``Well, he is arrested look for the murder of Mrs. Inglethorp down -- -- '' ``What?'' cried more Poirot, in apparently I have lively astonishment. ``Dr. dark eyes Bauerstein arrested for the murder in front of Mrs. Inglethorp?'' ``Yes.'' ``Impossible! That would first be too good a farce! down Who told you that, barrister my friend?'' ``Well, no one exactly sun told me,'' I confessed. at that moment ``But he is arrested.'' two years ago ``Oh, yes, very likely. practiced But for free online pokemon games espionage, practiced mon ami.'' ``Espionage?'' I gasped. elapsed ``Precisely.'' ``Not for poisoning elapsed Mrs. Inglethorp?'' ``Not unless more our friend Japp has taken at that moment leave of his senses,'' at that moment replied Poirot
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