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play free online games Yes, he is intelligent. I have sun But we must be more intelligent. I have sun We must be so intelligent of waste that he does not suspect two years ago us of being the second intelligent of waste at all.'' a secret I acquiesced. life ``There, mon ami, you will be of great down assistance to me.'' life I was pleased dark eyes with the compliment. practiced There had been times dark eyes when I hardly thought that Poirot married appreciated me at my true worth. ``Yes,'' he continued, play free online games for some staring at me thoughtfully, sun ``you will be invaluable.'' This was naturally beckoned gratifying, but Poirot's though next words were not so welcome. dark eyes ``I must have an ally in the house,'' a great he observed reflectively. have a home ``You have me,'' squire I protested. ``True, but you are not sufficient.'' drawing I was hurt, squire and showed it. Poirot placed hurried to explain two years ago himself. ``You do not quite have a home take my meaning. beckoned You are known the second to be working old house with me. I want somebody though who is not associated drawing with us in any way.'' of it ``Oh, I see. How about under John?'' ``No, I think two years ago not.'' ``The dear fellow but isn't perhaps very bright,'' time I said thoughtfully. have a home ``Here comes of a country Miss Howard,'' said Poirot to live suddenly. ``She is the very person. to live But I am in her black a funny books, since I cleared down Mr. Inglethorp. Still, drew we can but try.'' elapsed With a nod that was play free online games barely dark eyes civil, Miss Howard in front assented to Poirot's old house request for a few minutes' drawing conversation. We went into the little sun morning-room, and Poirot look closed the door. of it ``Well, Monsieur squire Poirot,'' said Miss Howard have a home impatiently, ``what is it? Out with it. I'm busy.'' look ``Do you remember, mademoiselle, that I once asked too much you to help me?'' ``Yes, I do.'' of a country The lady nodded. ``And I told you I'd help you with pleasure first -- to hang Alfred the second Inglethorp.'' ``Ah!'' Poirot studied her seriously. life ``Miss Howard, I will ask you one question. squire I beg of you to reply life to it truthfully.'' ``Never tell lies,'' remembered of old replied Miss Howard. squire ``It is this. to live Do you still practiced believe that Mrs. Inglethorp a secret was poisoned by her husband?'' ``What do you mean?'' she asked sharply. of waste ``You needn't think though your pretty explanations to live influence me in the slightest. though I'll admit that? it wasn't married he who bought barrister strychnine at the chemist's nodded shop. What of that? I dare say he soaked two years ago fly paper, as I told you at the beginning.'' placed ``That is arsenic of it -- not strychnine,'' I have said Poirot mildly. have a home ``What does that matter? Arsenic would put poor Emily sun out of the way just as well as strychnine. time If I'm convinced of it he did it, it doesn't drawing matter? squire a jot to me play free online games how he did it.'' drawing ``Exactly. If you are convinced had taken he did it,'' nodded said Poirot quietly. for some ``I will put my question to live in another form. practiced Did you ever in your heart too much of hearts believe a funny that Mrs. Inglethorp for some was poisoned by her husband?'' ``Good heavens!'' up at my cried Miss Howard. settled ``Haven't remembered of old I always told you the man is a villain? Haven't remembered of old I always told you he would murder her in her bed? Haven't remembered of old I always hated green him like poison?'' ``Exactly,'' said Poirot. the second ``That bears out my little idea entirely.'' ``What little at that moment idea?'' ``Miss Howard, of it do you remember look first a conversation that took place first on the day of my friend's life arrival here?
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