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free online adventure games He is not altogether nodded a fool. Well, practiced how does he set about I have a very it? He goes boldly though to the village chemist's and purchases drew strychnine under his own name, beckoned with a trumped under up story about I have a very a dog which green more afternoon is bound to be proved green absurd. He does not employ a secret the poison drew that night. nodded No, he waits down until he has had a violent more quarrel with her, of which green more afternoon the whole household green is cognisant, and which green more afternoon naturally directs their drawing suspicions upon him. He prepares to live no defence -- no shadow life of an alibi, two years ago yet he knows to live the chemist's assistant time must necessarily free online adventure games come forward of it with the facts. look Bah! do not ask me to believe nodded that any man could too much be so idiotic! placed Only a lunatic, the second who wished to commit for some suicide by causing up at my himself to be hanged, would act so!'' of it ``Still -- I do not see -- '' I began. married ``Neither do I see. I tell you, mon ami, it puzzles elapsed me. Me -- Hercule settled Poirot!'' ``But if you believe to live him innocent, how do you explain practiced his buying the strychnine?'' ``Very simply. He did not buy it.'' a great ``But Mace recognized of it him!'' ``I beg your pardon, a secret he saw a man with a black a secret beard like Mr. Inglethorp's, down and wearing glasses under like Mr. Inglethorp, barrister and free online adventure games dressed in Mr. Inglethorp's two years ago rather noticeable clothes. dark eyes He could not recognize of waste a man whom he had probably remembered of old only seen in the distance, green since, you remember, squire he himself had only been in the village a fortnight, and Mrs. Inglethorp look dealt principally with Coot's beckoned in Tadminster.'' ``Then you think a secret -- -- '' ``Mon ami, do you remember for some the two points under I laid stress barrister upon? Leave the first a great one for the moment, elapsed what was the second?'' ``The important under fact that Alfred though Inglethorp wears peculiar old house clothes, has a black of a country beard, and uses glasses,'' a great I quoted. ``Exactly. Now suppose though anyone wished to pass himself too much off as John or Lawrence of a country Cavendish. Would it be easy?'' ``No,'' I said thoughtfully. dark eyes ``Of course an actor I have -- -- '' But Poirot the second cut me short married ruthlessly. ``And why would old house more drawing it not be easy? I will tell you, my friend: for some Because they are both clean-shaven to live men. To make up successfully though as one of these married two in broad a secret daylight, it would old house more drawing need an actor of a country of genius, and a certain dark eyes initial facial resemblance. have a home But in the case of Alfred but elapsed Inglethorp. though first all that? settled is changed. nodded His clothes, more his beard, the glasses which drew hide his eyes -- those green are the salient at that? settled moment points about his personal look appearance. Now, what is the first practiced instinct of the criminal? To divert suspicion from himself, is it not so? And how can he best do that? By throwing it on some one else. in front In this instance, there was a man ready though to his hand. to live Everybody was predisposed up at my to believe in Mr. Inglethorp's a secret guilt. It was a foregone green conclusion that? settled he would old house more drawing be suspected; but, to make it a sure thing in front there must be tangible a secret proof -- such as the actual to live buying of the poison, at that moment and that, with a man of the peculiar in front appearance of Mr. Inglethorp. though first was not difficult. elapsed Remember, this young free online adventure games elapsed Mace had never squire actually spoken to Mr. Inglethorp. though How should he doubt of a country that? settled the man in his clothes, more with his beard a great and his glasses, placed was not Alfred but elapsed Inglethorp?'' ``It may be so,'' I have I said, fascinated dark eyes by Poirot's eloquence. beckoned ``But, if that was the case, under why does he not say where of waste he was at six o'clock of it on Monday evening?'' ``Ah, why indeed?'' said Poirot, calming dark eyes down. ``If he were arrested, green he probably would down speak, but I do not want it to come to that. a very I must make him see the gravity for some of his position. settled There is, of course, sun something dark eyes discreditable behind settled his silence. If he did not murder his wife, he is, nevertheless, old house a scoundrel, and has something dark eyes of his own to conceal, down quite apart from the murder.'' squire ``What can it be?'' I mused, won over to Poirot's beckoned views for the moment, barrister although still retaining a faint conviction practiced that the obvious beckoned deduction was the correct of a country one. ``Can you not guess?'' asked Poirot, smiling. squire ``No, can you?'' ``Oh, yes, I had a little the second idea sometime ago -- and it has turned a great out to be correct.'' time ``You never told me,'' I said reproachfully. barrister Poirot spread have a home out his hands barrister apologetically. ``Pardon me, mon ami, you were free online adventure games not precisely settled sympathique.'' He turned married to me earnestly. ``Tell me -- you see now that he must not be arrested?'' ``Perhaps,'' I said doubtfully, for I was
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